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Solidarity With Palestine

It’s times like these we are proud of our union, and we don’t have to be unsure of where the solidarity of our fellow workers’ lie. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is an international union that supports the … Continue reading

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“The Little Black Fish”

“The storytelling, the design, the art, letters, and color on Bizhan Khodabandeh’s Little Black Fish all stood out to me immediately as something really worth spending time with. This is his first comic I am told. I am impressed. It … Continue reading

Black Friday Solidarity in Richmond with Striking Walmart Workers

RSVP here: [ ] We will be leaf-letting OUTSIDE and INSIDE  the Walmart on Brook and Parham Rd. letting consumers and workers know that: “We are protesting Walmart’s retaliations against Associates and attempts to silence those who have spoken out for … Continue reading

Southern Workers Assembly: A Call to Action for Workers to Organize Labor in the South!

On Labor Day, 2012, 300 trade unionists, workers and community activists packed the Wedgewood Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina to participate in the Southern Workers Assembly. The purpose of this gathering was to promote organizing the South, repealing anti-labor legislation, and strengthening the fight against racism. By all … Continue reading

Calling the Question: Building The IWW GMB In Richmond, Part 2 of 3

Calling the Question: Building The IWW GMB In Richmond, Part 2 of 3 By Kenneth Y. This is an article written for the ‘Building Blocks’ column found in the October 2012 issue of the Industrial Worker. You can view a … Continue reading

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