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Black Friday Solidarity in Richmond with Striking Walmart Workers

RSVP here: [ http://www.corporateactionnetwork.org/events/black-friday-at-walmart-supercenter-2295 ] We will be leaf-letting OUTSIDE and INSIDE  the Walmart on Brook and Parham Rd. letting consumers and workers know that: “We are protesting Walmart’s retaliations against Associates and attempts to silence those who have spoken out for … Continue reading

[Worker Testimonial #1] 3rd St. Diner Phone Blast for Lost Wages

This is a ‘worker testimonial’  from Kendra N. in the campaign against ‘wage theft’ at 3rd St. Diner.  If you worked for Mr. Polyaris and have a work story you would like to share? Please consider submitting your testimonial here: … Continue reading

DIRECT ACTION! Demand Unpaid Wages for Worker at 3rd St. Diner!

Richmond Industrial Workers of the World IWW Food & Retail Workers United Demand Unpaid Wages for Worker at 3rd St. Diner in Richmond, Virginia On behalf of Fellow Worker Moriah “Mo” Karn, the Richmond General Membership Branch of the Industrial … Continue reading