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Lecture: The Hidden History of Black Labor in Richmond

RSVP on Facebook Here: [ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=167044056704612 ] The Richmond, Virginia Industrial Workers of the World & the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia Present: “The Hidden History of Black Labor in Richmond” Did you know that in 1886 … Continue reading

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Food, Distribution & Retail IWWs Step Up Their Organizing

Originaly Published in the Industrial Worker Sept. 2011 issue: Linking and coordinating their organizing across related industries, members of the IWW active in food, distribution and retail (Industrial Unions 460, 640 and 660) will be holding an Industrial Organizing Network … Continue reading

IWW Sends Message of Solidarity To Danville, VA IKEA/Swedwood Workers

Workers in the first IKEA / Swedwood factory in Danville recently filed for union elections after witnessing unsafe workplace conditions, low wages, forced overtime, and various other violations.   UPDATE! July 27, 2011 – Danville, Virginia: Swedwood Workers Vote Union … Continue reading

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What Unions Have Done for Temporary Workers

The following article is used by the R-IWW in its outreach to temp workers and day laborers. It is used alongside its pamphlet on the rights of such workers. After reading this booklet about your rights on the job, you … Continue reading

FIR: Government Reports Reveal Jimmy John's Lied about Pattern of Food-borne Illness Outbreaks Due to Sick Workers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jimmy John’s Workers Union- Industrial Workers of the World Contacts: Max Specktor, 612-250-7309, Erik Forman 612-598-6205 June 3, 2011 Government Reports Reveal Jimmy John’s Lied about Pattern of Food-borne Illness Outbreaks Due to Sick Workers Company Credibility … Continue reading

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