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Union Statement Supporting The ‘Ban The Box’ Ordinance

On March 13, 2013 the Richmond General Membership Branch of the IWW voted to endorse the Richmond City Council ordinance to “ban the box” on applications for city jobs that inquire about an applicants criminal conviction history.  Below is our … Continue reading

Help Temp Workers Organize & Fight Back!

Help Temp Workers Organize & Fight Back! Donate The continuation of high unemployment is eroding the bargaining power of the working class, and without an organization to collectively harness that power, the working class will continue to be at the … Continue reading

“The Little Black Fish”

“The storytelling, the design, the art, letters, and color on Bizhan Khodabandeh’s Little Black Fish all stood out to me immediately as something really worth spending time with. This is his first comic I am told. I am impressed. It … Continue reading

Richmond, Virginia May Day 2012 — International Workers Day!

Another May Day Poster in .PDF format: May Day 2012 Poster May Day! Workers of the World Unite! This is our day! International Workers Day! Our day to recognize and appreciate the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement. … Continue reading

[Worker Testimonial #2] 3rd St. Diner Phone Blast for Lost Wages

This is a ‘worker testimonial’  from Keith P. in the campaign against ‘wage theft’ at 3rd St. Diner.  If you worked for Mr. Polyaris and have a work story you would like to share? Please consider submitting your testimonial here: [ http://tinyurl.com/85ezo5g ] To view … Continue reading

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