The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is a fighting union and our M.O. is that ‘Direct Action Gets The Goods’.  If ‘direct action’ is our sword, then solidarity is our shield.  Sometimes solidarity means standing on the picket line, and other times it could mean using the legal means intended to protect our fellow workers and help them get justice when their rights as workers have been violated.  No doubt both tactics are necessary in today’s labor market.

In order to provide better assistance when workers come to us for help, the Richmond IWW has purchased from the Employment Justice Center in Washington, D.C. the latest edition of the “Workers Right’s Manual”, a solid resource for legal advice.

The 5th edition of the D.C. Employment Justice Center’s Workers’ Rights Manual is a comprehensive guide to employment law in the District of Columbia, with additional information on Maryland and Virginia law. Chapters include: wage and hour, unemployment compensation, FMLA, discrimination, sexual harassment, workers’ compensation, OSHA, criminal records as a barrier to employment, and more!