This is a ‘worker testimonial’  from Kendra N. in the campaign against ‘wage theft’ at 3rd St. Diner.  If you worked for Mr. Polyaris and have a work story you would like to share? Please consider submitting your testimonial here: ]

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I was last hired at 3rd Street Diner in June of 2011. I responded to a Craigslist ad that had been posted for the diner needing a hostess, so I went in for an interview and was hired on the spot and started work the next day. Pay was discussed and I was told I would be making $7.25/hour (minimum wage for a hostess).  I worked the late shift every night from 12-8 AM, and my job was  to greet customers, hand out menus, make sure tables were clean, and work the cash register.

Many nights I was asked to come in early, and stay late, without a time sheet. Without a time sheet, it was my word against theirs, which obviously only could have one outcome at the time. After about a week or working, I was told by another manager that I wasn’t a hostess, and that I would need to start waiting tables. I talked to the hiring manager and again was told I was wrong even though I had the email from the details of the ad I responded to and the interview. He told me I must have been confused, and that the hostess position was for another club. My interview took place in the diner, so that was obviously not true.

After a week of work I collected my paycheck (late) on a Thursday. The amount on the check was roughly $130. At the bottom where the check should have been was a stub that read “THIS IS NOT A CHECK”. $80 of the check had been taken out for “taxes”, and another $35 for meals, when I had never even eaten food from there while I worked. The remainder of the check was subtracted for “tip outs”. I wasn’t working as a waitress, so this was especially surprising. I asked around a bit, because I was honestly confused by the check at first. I called and got the run-around too many times and was not given any answers. Later, I went back to 3rd street to ask about why I wasn’t being paid and I was being charged for things I shouldn’t have. Still no answer from any of the staff, so I filed a complaint with the Dept. of Labor but eventually lost my stub so it fell through.

3rd Street has a history of labor violations (sanitation, wages, hiring, and more) and I’m not the first person to have this problem. Many complaints have been filed but this is still continuing, let them know how you feel about this. Call, email, or go in person. [click here]

Kendra N.