Help Temp Workers Organize & Fight Back!


The continuation of high unemployment is eroding the bargaining power of the working class, and without an organization to collectively harness that power, the working class will continue to be at the will of the economy and it’s architects, the employing class.

Many of the workers unable to secure permanent and/or full time employment have been increasingly turning to temporary employment agencies for relief. However, uncertain whether or not they will be chosen for work that day, many leave distraught and empty handed. Those who do find work, are paid a pittance of a wage, barely providing any sort security or stability, unsure of what tomorrow will bring.

We as members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) find that these conditions are intolerable and can be changed, and the interest of the working class upheld only by an organization formed in such a way that all its members in any one industry, or in all industries if necessary, cease work whenever a strike or lockout is on in any department thereof, thus making an injury to one an injury to all.

Join us, as a member or supporter, with the Richmond, Virginia chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) [ ] as we campaign to organize and support the temporary and day laborers within the Greater Richmond area. We need your help to raise $800 dollars by December 26, 2012.

With your support the Industrial Workers of the World will be able to provide assistance in the following ways:

• Healthy Bag Lunches (delivered once a month) with Workers Rights information inside.
• Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Training by a certified IWW Union member.
• Know Your Rights Training
• Union Organizer Training
• Transportation Assistance
• Access to FREE safety equipment (ie.hard hats, boot laces, warm gloves, safety glasses, beanies, etc.)

Please consider becoming a supporter by donating today. For every donor who donates a minimum of $100 dollars will receive their own Union designed, manufactured, and printed Richmond Industrial Workers of the World T-Shirt.

Donate Here! [ ]

In Solidarity,
Richmond Industrial Workers of the World
Temporary Worker Organizing Committee

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