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By: x370724

Happy Holidays Fellow Workers! Our gift to you is this diagram, showing your relation as a worker to our economy and the enormous, but possible, task ahead for us all.

Yes, you are “a” consumer, but most importantly you are the worker. In fact you probably work and produce much more with your labor than you consume. This needs to change, right?  In order for us to do so, we need to occupy each of these industries. Then we must organize, strike and take over these industries.

The jury is still out to whether or not revolution will involve violence, but if it does, be rest assured that it will be perpetrated by those who currently hold power, the capitalist and their State.

We can prepare but only so much, and much of that preparation is in how organized the working class is and how much influence we have collectively with our friends and family who happen to be in positions of authority, (ie. police and army).

So, it only makes sense that depending on how organized we are leading up to that point, the less violent the transition will ultimately be.

Remember, the working class out-number the owning class by a great deal.  Our goal is to abolish the class system, completely, where the owning class and the working class become one in the same.

We believe this can only be achieved through a revolutionary organization of industrial workers, from all industries, skilled and unskilled.  We believe that the Industrial Workers of the World is that organization.

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