Is your boss a jerk? 


– Are they regularly racist, sexist, transphobic and homophobic?

-Has your paycheck ever come up short for no reason?

-Do they give unwanted physical attention?

-Are your hours cut when your boss is displeased with you?

If any of these behaviors sound like your boss, the IWW wants to know!

The Richmond IWW launched it’s boss reporting program in December of 2017 and has aided quite a few workers in different ways since then.

What we are able to offer to workers varies from situation to situation and depends largely on the worker’s wishes but one thing remains consistent – our dedication to keeping your information private. We will never release ANY of the information divulged through this program to anyone without explicit consent from the workers who reported it.

If you’ve got something to report please don’t hesitate to call the Richmond IWW’s bad boss tipline at (804) 496-1568.

Otherwise, feel free to fill out the form below with as much information as you are comfortable with providing.

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