Greetings! If you’ve been sent this page then someone in the union has indicated you are ready to join! In order to speed up the process of getting you all initiated and official we’ve made a quick guide on the next steps each of you need to take. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about this process!

Step 1 – Please fill out the official IWW application form found here. If you don’t have a PDF editor you may need to fill it out and then tell your browser to “Print” and then select “Print to PDF” in the printer selection menu. This will just make a frozen copy of your form with all of your information in it.

Step 2 – Pay your initiation and first month’s dues. We determine these on the basis of your current take-home income per month. If your income changes, then your dues will too, but this is all done on the honor system. To determine what yours will be, please review the table below. We accept payment through Venmo (@richmond-iww) and PayPal. Please make sure that you include your first initial, last name, and “initiation” as a memo on either service (e.g., S.West initiation). If you want to join but are unable to afford the fee or dues, please reach out to us and we can talk about other arrangements. If you do not have one of these digital payment services and would like to arrange another way just let us know!

Note – if you do use PayPal and want to set up auto-draft so you don’t have to worry about paying dues each month split your initiation payment and dues payment up into TWO transactions, only click the box that says clicking the box that says “Make this a monthly donation” for one of those since your initiation payment is only a one-time expense.

Step 3 – Send an email to with your completed application attached and a message telling us whether you paid on Venmo or Paypal. Please make the subject of your email “Initiation – SD”

Step 4 – Wait – once we get your application processed we will put your new member kit in the mail and you should have it in a day or two! In the meantime, you can start looking over some of the resources we send out to our new members!

Welcome to the union, fellow workers!