“The storytelling, the design, the art, letters, and color on Bizhan Khodabandeh’s Little Black Fish all stood out to me immediately as something really worth spending time with. This is his first comic I am told. I am impressed. It is a beautiful story. Anyone with a love of comics would do well to pay attention.”

-Farel Dalrymple

Author/artist of “Pop-Gun War“, Artist of “Omega The Unknown

Bizhan Khodabandeh is a fellow wobbly in the Richmond GMB. His book, “The Little Black Fish” is a comic adaptation of a story by Iranian teacher and activist, Samad Behrangi. Behrangi’s reputation as a Dissident, and his relationship to the leftist movement, led some activists to believe that his untimely death was a political assassination carried out by the shah’s savak agents (the shah’s security agents). Others believe his death to merely be an unfortunate event.

At the age of 29, Behrangi’s body had been found, drowned in the aras river. It wasn’t until after his death that his most popular book, “The Little Black Fish,” was published.

“The Little Black Fish” was first published in 1969. The story has
since been printed in several different languages and distributed all
over the world.

To give you a short description of the story … It is about a fish who unforgivably questions authority and is determined to learn through her own experiences. In the book, the Little Black Fish embarks on a rite of passage journey to find whether or not her friends’ stories about the sea are true. During her travels, she is confronted by various animals who try to persuade her from continuing and some who threaten her very life. The story provides an important example of one’s determination in seeking the truth.

The 50 page full color perfect bound book and digital versions) are available for purchase as well as sample pages can be found at: www.mendedarrow.com.

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